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I'm not a daily painter. I tried being that a few years ago when I thought artists who sold their work made art every day. I also thought that painting on a regular basis would make my work better or make me more brave or experimental.

For me, the big "WHY I paint" sorted out a lot of angst and expectation that had travelled with me for a while when my work began to sell. Returning to the simple act of creating just for me, when it felt right and definitely not pleasing anyone else, was my path as an introverted artist. I'm honoured when someone else needs to hang my work in their space, the emotional connection of art is a beautiful thing.

I've always been an artist and I am not going anywhere better, I am already there when I paint. To listen to and accept what flows out, to sit with the bad paintings and feel the juice of the good ones. These days I just feel gratitude that I can paint, that I feel something other worldly in this act of creating. I've become a slower painter in the process of intuitive painting.

There is always something new to learn and find out about myself and there is plenty of time for me to enjoy creating and selling affordable original art.

I think the thing I love the best about being an intuitive abstract painter is the sheer joy of not knowing what is going to happen next. Every time I make a mark, play with colours and just feel the mediums going onto the surface, it is always new. It is endless. It is the delight of seeing what you are feeling, but not quite how you may have expected it....

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  • The Indigo Twig

I have always been an artist. How I've felt about it has been a journey in itself. Seven years ago with a huge shift in my spiritual journey, my art and I merged together to bring an awareness that surpassed any previous meaning my art had. Part of this paving my way to my true north was the art of letting myself actually play and experiment with my materials. The rigid planning and expectations were gone, replaced by a well of freedom and I chose to dive right in. My muse at the time was Flora Bowley. To this day I look at her book on my shelf about Brave Intuitive Painting and feel a surge of gratitude that Flora was my first teacher, inviting me to let go and paint from the heart.

Many enjoyable hours were spent painting my heart and soul out in those first two years. I let out much emotion with a mix of illustration, mixed media and throwing paint at the canvas. Until I realised that where I felt the most at home was with creating something completely abstracted. It was like I was being pulled further into the spiral where all I could take with me was my intuition. I wanted my painting to be raw energy and to use the emotions that I felt about certain colours and their vibrations. Abstraction was where I felt a freedom that I wanted to explore, where I wanted to go. The more I heard people say "but what is it?" the more I wanted to create it. In perfect timing, the universe provided me with my next wonderful teacher, Nancy Hillis. After watching Nancy talk about her Artist Journey course, I knew instinctively it was for me. I signed up immediately and from that moment on, my painting became like the butterfly in the struggle to emerge from her cocoon.

This was new ground, a new way of understanding and feeling my painting. Part of what drew me to Nancy was her professional background in psychiatry, a large part of her teaching with art. This going deep into the psyche was right in alignment with my personal journey and world view. What I did not know as I excitedly began her course, was that everything I felt about art and how I could paint, would be absolutely turned upside down and inside out. My own artist journey into the unknown. While I learned about art principles like colour and composition, I also had to work through fears and blockages, the paradoxes to the absolute freedom and flow that I craved. I discovered more about myself through my art, the mirror it truly is. Like Alice, it took curiosity and I went down the rabbit hole into a wonderland to find my own path as an intuitive painter, the authentic and unique stamp of my own creativity. My voice, my expression.

I am deeply grateful for Nancy's way of teaching, for the lessons about myself I have had to learn over and over, painting after painting. The artist journey never ends.

What I feel now on this journey as an artist is my true self, how I give and share this authenticity through my art.

If you are interested in finding out more about Nancy Hillis and The Artist Journey course please use this link:

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  • The Indigo Twig

This painting on paper has had many layers and probably will get a few more! I am constantly amazed at how many layers I can put on my favourite art paper. My layers are built up by thin applications of paint. As I feel my painting getting close to completion, I often will go in with thicker paint to create that sense of depth. Here is a section of my work on this piece.

Music is by Manu Zain "We are Dreamers" (which was inspiration for my title).

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