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Hello and welcome, I'm Christine



I am an abstract painter who is inspired by nature, emotion and colour.  My creative process is intuitive, playful and explorative.  I am seeking imperfect perfection, much like nature herself.

A painting begins as marks with no outcome in mind.


I love to find myself on the edge, to feel the aliveness of being part of something more powerful at play. To create a mystery, something that may find its meaning or story in the viewer's emotional response.

A little more about me....I love writing and every now and then I share my creative process and the projects I am working on in my journal. I'm passionate about crystals and plants. I am drawn to their energy and enjoy adding to my collection. I am the happiest surrounded by nature and love to take long walks where I can hear the birds and observe all the details in the trees and rocks. 


I am currently not taking any commissions for original paintings. Thank you for visiting and viewing my art, it is a pleasure to share my creative passion with you!



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